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Cowtown Opry Buckaroo Club Rules-- click here to download 712 KB
Cowtown Opry Texas Heritage Music Scholarship Rules and Application--click here to download 736 KB

Buckaroo Club

The Buckaroo Club was established in February 1998 as a way of mentoring youth under 18 years old to learn and perform Texas heritage music deriving from the cattle ranching culture. Coordinated by Judy James (CTO Buckaroo Director), the Buckaroo Club meets on the second Sunday of each month. Buckaroos receive exposure to great, historic western music, Texas history lessons, advice and practice on acoustic guitar, and performance practice in front of a live audience. Judy provides copies of the great old cowboy music unfamiliar to many of the Buckaroos. Qualified Buckaroos receive opportunity to perform at various other events throughout the year (including Cowtown Opry’s annual Gala) and may apply for Cowtown Opry’s annual scholarship award.


Upon paying your dues (click here to download and application) and becoming a member, you will be entitled to:

  1. Attend Cowtown Opry at 131 E. Exchange Ave. Ste #140, Fort Worth, Texas, on Buckaroo Sunday (the second Sunday of each month), arriving no later than 1:30pm, ready to perform by 2:30pm! Attendance every Buckaroo Sunday is only required for those Buckaroos wanting to be invited to outside performance opportunities and to be applying for a scholarship award. Vacation and sickness absences are allowed and can be made up by other performance opportunities to be provided by Judy and Devon. Buckaroo Sundays are normally the 2nd Sunday of each month, except November, unless the Buckaroo Director needs to change the date. If that happens, she will notify all Buckaroos as far in advance as possible of the schedule change.
  2. Cowtown Opry Sunday performance calendar follows this pattern every month, unless specifically noted on the website:
  • First Sunday of the month: Western Swing
  • Second Sunday of the month: Buckaroo Sunday
  • Third Sunday of the month: Western Hour
  • Fourth Sunday of the month: Silver Screen
  • Fifth Sunday of the month: Gospel Hour

3) Dress in official Cowtown Opry attire:

  • long sleeve white shirt (yoke may have color, no t-shirts)
  • red cowboy bandana or red wild rag (bandanas may be purchased at Hobby Lobby or WalMart for $.99)
  • blue jeans or blue jean skirt (of modest length, tights underneath are acceptable)
  • cowboy boots (no athletic shoes, sandals, etc.)
  • cowboy hat (hat is optional for girls, no ball caps)
  • denim vests are permitted 

This attire is expected at the Gala for anyone who expects to perform. Cowtown Opry keeps many of these items in the wardrobe in the office should someone leave something at home and need to borrow something in order to perform.


4) Come prepared to sing two songs, have them memorized. Only 1 song required if younger than 8 years old. Song choice must be wholesome, age appropriate and have a Texas or western, historic connection. Several days before performance, email Judy if you will attend and what songs you are prepared to sing and their key.



By appointment, introductory instruction is available to you at 1:00pm on Buckaroo Sundays for the following:

  1. Any sort of practice needed to prepare for your performance
  2. Basic Guitar Chords: Judy James
  3. Swing Guitar (for advanced Buckaroos only): Devon Dawson
  4. Voice (for 12 years old and up): Judy James
  5. Stand-up Bass: Teresa Walton
  6. Accordion: Phil St Marie

CTO provides performance workshops for Buckaroos occasionally throughout the year.  


Our goal is to encourage Buckaroos to want to perform!  For those who want more than to just perform on Buckaroo Sundays, we have other opportunities available!

You are invited to perform on the CTO Saddle Pals performances on other Sundays when you:
   1)  Know at least 3 songs, memorized (at least one appropriate to the Sunday theme)
   2)  Know your key
   3)  Stay on key
   4)  Have your timing down
   5)  Be able to perform with adults without rehearsal

   Be sure to let Devon know you are coming. 

Outside performance opportunities will be provided for Buckaroos who:

  1. Are active participants of Buckaroo Sundays. An active Buckaroo is one who has attended 4 out of 6 consecutive Buckaroo Sundays (allowing for sickness or vacation). In the case of a first year or new Buckaroo, has attended a minimum of 3 consecutive Buckaroo Sundays. On a yearly basis, an active Buckaroo is defined as one who attends 8 or more Buckaroo Sundays in a year.
  2. Have a minimum of 2 songs perfected and approved (only 1 song for children under 8 years old)


Cowtown Opry offers the opportunity for all Buckaroos to qualify to apply for the CTO Texas Heritage Music Scholarship! Once a year, at the CTO Texas Independence Day Gala, Cowtown Opry awards up to five $150 music scholarships and one $500 college scholarship to qualified Buckaroos.

You may apply for a music scholarship at the end of the year when you:

  1. Are in good standing for current year (have dues paid).
  2. Are an active Buckaroo. Active Buckaroo is defined as one who has attended 8 or more Buckaroo Sundays for the calendar year (Jan-Dec).
  3. Have attended a minimum of 12 Cowtown Opry events during the year, including the 8 Buckaroo Sundays. Twelve Buckaroo Sundays qualifies as 12 events however you may have 8 or more Buckaroo Sundays and fill in the remainder with outside performances. (you must keep a record of all events you attend outside of Buckaroo Sundays, participation dates and event must be listed on application).


You may apply for a college scholarship at the end of the year when you:

  1. Are in good standing for current year (have dues paid).
  2. Are an active Buckaroo (have attended 8 or more Buckaroo Sundays in each calendar year that you are a Cowtown Opry Member)
  3. Have attended a minimum of 48 Cowtown Opry events (you should keep a record of all events you attend outside of Buckaroo Sundays because participation dates and events must be listed on application).
  4. Are in your senior year of high school, planning to enter college in the fall (or sooner).


For more information about the Buckaroo Club, please call:
Judy James - Buckaroo Coordinator (817) 929-1853

Chris Foley - Chairman of the Board (214) 882-6339